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Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference

Visit Our 2023 Sponsors/Exhibitors

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Visit Our 2023 Sponsors/Exhibitors

Diamond Sponsor

  • Diamond Sponsor

    Magnet Forensics

    Booth: 109
    Magnet Forensics provides organizations with innovative tools to investigate cyberattacks and digital crimes. We are a developer of digital investigation software that acquires, analyzes, reports on, ...

Platinum Sponsors

  • Platinum Sponsor


    Booth: 208
    Belkasoft is a global leader in digital forensics and incident response software. Our Belkasoft X Platform helps customers in over 130 countries to solve digital forensic cases, respond to cyber incid ...
  • Platinum Sponsor


    Booth: 302
    Cellebrite is the global leader in partnering with public and private organizations to transform how they manage Digital Intelligence in investigations to protect and save lives, accelerate justice an ...
  • Platinum Sponsor


    Booth: 203
    Ciphertrace, a Mastercard company, delivers scalable crypto asset intelligence solutions that help identify and mitigate crypto risk across the entire ecosystem. Powered by fully auditable and indepen ...
  • Platinum Sponsor

    MOS Equipment

    Booth: 213
    The Mission Darkness™ brand is brought to you by MOS Equipment. Mission Darkness offers a comprehensive selection of radio frequency shielding solutions for law enforcement and military forensic inves ...
  • Platinum Sponsor


    Booth: 312
    MSAB is a global leader in digital forensic technology for mobile device examination and analysis. Headquartered in Sweden with main offices in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia, as wel ...

Gold Sponsors

  • Gold Sponsor

    ADF Solutions

    Booth: 303
    ADF makes the best digital forensic triage and media exploitation tools for law enforcement. These tools are used for processing and analyzing smartphones, mobile devices, computers, external drives, ...
  • Gold Sponsor

    Amped Software USA

    Booth: 318
    Amped Software sets the standard for image and video forensics. Our software solutions are used by the top law enforcement, military, and government agencies worldwide. With an emphasis on the transpa ...
  • Gold Sponsor


    Booth: 204
    Binalyze is the world’s fastest and most comprehensive Digital Forensics and Incident Response platform. Our software remotely, securely collects more than 280+ digital forensic artifacts in under 10 ...
  • Gold Sponsor


    Booth: 115
    BlackRainbow brings a modern, intuitive and innovative solution to the market with NIMBUS. It has re-invented complex case investigation and evidence management to solve inefficiencies and manage risk ...
  • Gold Sponsor

    Ciphertex Data Security

    Booth: 309
    Ciphertex Data Security, a US-based manufacturer, develops FIPS 140-2 Level 3 cost-effective encrypted Portable NAS. We offer custom solutions using hyper-fast, tamper-proof hardware encryption and un ...
  • Gold Sponsor


    Booth: 119
    DATAPILOT specializes in the area of mobile forensics and digital intelligence, we deliver real-time value with proven technological innovations. Available in a rugged, affordable, handheld device and ...
  • Gold Sponsor

    Detego Digital Forensics

    Booth: 110
    The Detego Investigations Suite is an intuitive all-in-one platform that allows field or lab-based investigators to rapidly extract, analyze and report on data from computers, phones, loose media and ...
  • Gold Sponsor


    Booth: 103
    Exterro FTK is the industry gold standard in digital forensics software for DFIR investigations, from criminal law enforcement cases to corporate internal investigations and IR. All FTK solutions are ...
  • Gold Sponsor


    Booth: 315
    Logicube® is a global manufacturer of digital forensic imaging and hard drive duplication solutions. Logicube’s peerless innovation delivers feature-rich products to government, military, education, a ...
  • Gold Sponsor

    Monolith Forensics

    Booth: 219
    Monolith is a lab management & productivity tool for digital forensics labs and team. Monolith is used by law enforcement, eDiscovery, and companies across the globe to manage and run their digital fo ...
  • Gold Sponsor


    Booth: 218
    OpenText is working to make the world a safer, more secure place by finding the truth in data. Helping law enforcement, government agencies and corporations conduct digital forensic investigations, ef ...
  • Gold Sponsor

    Oxygen Forensics, Inc.

    Booth: 214
    We have 20+ years of experience leading digital forensics with customers in 150+ countries, serving 10,000 law enforcement agencies, governments, and organizations.​ Our digital forensics solution acc ...
  • Gold Sponsor


    Booth: 202
    Automate data capture and analysis from typed/handwritten docs with ScanWriter. Enhance efficiency and quality with PowerBI and data visualization. Extract key information including money flow and cas ...
  • Gold Sponsor

    Teel Technologies

    Booth: 319
    Since 2006, Teel Technologies has provided leading forensic tools, training and services for professionals tasked with investigating mobile devices and digital media. Offering the widest collection of ...
  • The Digital Investigation Unit employs mobile teams of highly trained Digital Investigators (DIs) and Forensic Computer Examiners (FCEs) located in offices across the country. Their principal duty is ...
  • Gold Sponsor


    Booth: 212
    The Vespereye radio solutions were created to help in finding evidences and reveal the truth. The technically advanced radio devices were developed and assembled in Europe. They are used by military, ...
  • Gold Sponsor

    Vound Software

    Booth: 417
    Founded in 2008, Vound is a leading global vendor of technology used for forensic search, eDiscovery, and information governance. Our products can progressively and seamlessly provide more powerful fe ...

Silver Sponsors

  • Silver Sponsor

    Akerman LLP

    Booth: 420
    Akerman eDiscovery Services (AES) is a cross-disciplinary team of lawyers, technologists and project managers dedicated to guiding clients through all stages of the discovery lifecycle. From data pres ...
  • Silver Sponsor

    Atola Technology

    Booth: 118
    FAST FORENSIC IMAGING, EVEN WITH DAMAGED DRIVES! Get more digital evidence faster with INSIGHT FORENSIC AND TASKFORCE FORENSIC IMAGERS. The first and only forensic data acquisition tools that can auto ...
  • Silver Sponsor

    AVAIL Forensics

    Booth: 414
    “Turning Case Evidence into Case Intelligence”. AVAIL Forensics, formed in 2006 with the mission of serving the computer forensics community offering a wide spectrum of custom hardware and field triag ...
  • Silver Sponsor


    Booth: 323
    We create solutions for investigators to identify, acquire, and analyze critical information stored within vehicle systems, allowing them to uncover key evidence to determine what happened, where it o ...
  • Silver Sponsor


    Booth: 419
    BitMindz was founded to provide law enforcement, military, government, and corporate entities with enterprise-class workstations, processing  engines, decryption systems, and other hardware solutions. ...
  • Silver Sponsor

    BlockChain Security

    Booth: 423
    BlockChain Security is a pioneering force in information security and leading-edge blockchain solutions. Our solutions, Crypto Triage for crypto tracing, and M-Key Safe Vault for quantum-resistant vir ...
  • Silver Sponsor


    Booth: 408
    The Leading Internet Intelligence Platform for Threat Hunting and Exposure Management. Censys empowers security teams with the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date map of the internet to defen ...
  • Silver Sponsor


    Booth: 121
    Chainalysis is the blockchain data platform. We provide data, software, services, and research to agencies, exchanges, financial institutions, and cybersecurity companies in over 70 countries. Our dat ...
  • Silver Sponsor

    Cyacomb Forensics

    Booth: 220
    Supporting CSAM investigators and Adult Parole and Probabtion with cutting edge digital forensics tools that are fast, thorough, and simple to use.
  • Silver Sponsor

    Defense Forensic

    Booth: 221
    Defense Forensics provides digital investigative services to individuals and organizations requiring expert digital evidence analysis. The Defense Forensics team includes former law enforcement offici ...
  • Silver Sponsor


    Booth: 321
    The world's most secure file transfer & storage, eSignature, and collaboration platform. DekkoSecure meets the strictest security requirements for law enforcement to share privileged, sensitive, and P ...
  • Silver Sponsor

    Digital Intelligence

    Booth: 114
    Digital Intelligence continually innovates the design of digital forensic hardware and forensic lab solutions. With an array of forensic workstations available, DI allows for custom and tailored  opti ...
  • Silver Sponsor


    Booth: 122
    Evolver is a technology company serving commercial and government customers by addressing client challenges in the present and transitioning clients to the future through innovative cybersecurity and ...
  • Silver Sponsor

    Forensic Drone

    Booth: 413
    Forensic Drone Inc. stands as a compact, privately held enterprise. Established in 2011, our core objective revolves around crafting swift, dependable, and adaptable forensic computer solutions.Our ul ...
  • Silver Sponsor

    G3 Technologies

    Booth: 412
    G3 Technologies, Inc (G3T) is an industry leader in providing sophisticated signals exploitation solutions for commercial wireless communication systems and wireless communications network survey syst ...
  • Silver Sponsor

    GreyCastle Security

    Booth: 223
    GreyCastle Security is leading provider of relevant practical and effective cybersecurity solutions headquartered in Troy, New York. Our company was founded to help organizations establish effective c ...
  • Silver Sponsor


    Booth: 322
    Griffeye was born out of the realization that investigators need more advanced solutions for handling large amounts of images and videos. Especially those working with digital media investigations for ...
  • iPad Rehab Microsoldering: one-stop shop for mobile device logic board repair, training, supplies. Restore native access to forensic data through repair. Mail-in-repair: bring dead logic boards back t ...
  • Silver Sponsor


    Booth: 415
    LeadsOnline is a digital investigations platform that helps law enforcement agencies of all sizes and jurisdictions advance their cases faster. More than 70,000 investigators and analysts use LeadsOnl ...
  • Silver Sponsor

    MediaClone, Inc.

    Booth: 222
    Develops & Manufactures in the US one of the best high performing – forensic imagers and complete digital forensic investigation units for field and labs udr. Extremely Fast, Dual Open OS, Expandable ...
  • Silver Sponsor

    Silicon Forensics

    Booth: 123
    At Silicon Forensics, customers trust us to deliver solutions that allow them to accelerate data acquisition and data processing. Today Silicon Forensics is a leader in the digital forensic hardware i ...
  • Silver Sponsor


    Booth: 421
    SkySafe is the proven leader in all things drone forensics. From powering the UAV capabilities in the Covert Forensic Imaging Device (CFID) to providing comprehensive forensics services and training, ...
  • Silver Sponsor


    Booth: 320
    In the realm of digital evidence and computer forensics, organizations face a pressing challenge: the need for comprehensive and reliable solutions that encompass training, hardware, software, and ser ...
  • Silver Sponsor

    Systools Mailxaminer

    Booth: 410
    SysTools provides comprehensive email forensics solution named MailXaminer. MailXaminer is used by law enforcement agencies, enterprises and government agencies across the world. MailXaminer supports ...
  • Silver Sponsor

    Booth: 418
    Teaching, Analysis, Review, Consultation & Expert Testimony  Cellular Tower Forensics (All Carriers or Third-Party Data, Custom mapping, Theoretical vs. Actual Coverage) Mobile Devices (Cellular, WiFi ...

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