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Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference

Visit Our 2024 Sponsors/Exhibitors


Visit Our 2024 Sponsors/Exhibitors

Titanium Sponsors

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    Booth: 301
  • Titanium Sponsor

    Magnet Forensics

    Booth: 401
    Magnet Forensics is re-imagining digital investigations with an integrated approach that maximizes people, processes, and technology—providing a wide range of solutions for law enforcement agencies an ...
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    Oxygen Forensics

    Booth: 201
    Oxygen Forensics provides innovative digital investigation solutions seamlessly maximizing visibility, productivity, and collaboration to over 10,000 law enforcement agencies, governments, service pro ...

Diamond Sponsors

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    Booth: 306
    Exterro’s data risk management platform leverages automation, workflow optimization, and responsible AI to give in-house teams control over privacy compliance, legal operations, digital investigations ...

Platinum Sponsors

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    Booth: 414
  • Platinum Sponsor

    Cyacomb Forensics

    Booth: 407
    Cyacomb digital forensic tools scan for illegal material in seconds. Our software helps police forces find evidence on mobile devices and hard drives in seconds, a process that can currently take hour ...
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    Booth: 200
  • Platinum Sponsor


    Booth: 307
    DekkoSecure helps organisations concerned about storing, sharing, and signing highly sensitive and confidential information securely and efficiently. DekkoSecure eliminates the need for third-party in ...
  • Platinum Sponsor


    Booth: 315
    We empower your Investigation! GMDSOFT provides a comprehensive forensic service for law firms, audit firms, and eDiscovery corporations, and extends our expertise beyond borders to serve clients worl ...
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    MOS Equipment

    Booth: 406
  • Platinum Sponsor


    Booth: 415
    MSAB is a global leader in digital forensic technology for mobile device examination and analysis. Headquartered in Sweden with main offices in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia, as wel ...
  • Platinum Sponsor


    Booth: 207
    OpenText Cybersecurity provides comprehensive security solutions. From prevention, detection and response to recovery, investigation and compliance, our unified end-to-end platform helps customers bui ...
  • Platinum Sponsor


    Booth: 601
    PenLink, the leading authority in digital intelligence, provides seamless integration of OSINT and digital evidence for law enforcement, national security, defense and corporate sectors. PenLink lever ...
  • Platinum Sponsor


    Booth: 100
    In the realm of digital evidence and computer forensics, organizations face a pressing challenge: the need for comprehensive and reliable solutions that encompass training, hardware, software, and ser ...
  • Platinum Sponsor

    Teel Technologies

    Booth: 507
    Since 2006, our mission at Teel Technologies is to provide the best tools, training and services for professionals tasked with investigating mobile devices and digital media. We focus on the total lab ...

Gold Sponsors

  • Gold Sponsor

    Ace Computers

    Booth: 701
    Ace Computers is a technology solutions provider helping customers stay connected and achieve mission success with industry-leading computer products, supplies, and services that are made in America.
  • Gold Sponsor

    ADF Solutions

    Booth: 700
    ADF Solutions is the leading provider of digital forensic software. Process and analyze mobile devices, computers, external drives, and other media storage. ADF triage software is all about speed, sca ...
  • Gold Sponsor


    Booth: 513
  • Gold Sponsor

    Amped Software

    Booth: 605
    Amped Software sets the standard for image and video forensics.  Our software solutions are used by the top law enforcement, military, and government agencies worldwide. Amped Software  empowes custom ...
  • Gold Sponsor

    ArcPoint Forensics

    Booth: 210
    ArcPoint was established by investigators, for investigators. Our roots in the field have given us an intimate understanding of your mission and a shared experience of the challenges you face daily. 
  • Gold Sponsor

    Babel Street

    Booth: 206
    Babel Street is the trusted technology partner for the world’s most advanced identity intelligence and risk operations. The Babel Street Insights platform delivers advanced AI and data analytics solut ...
  • Gold Sponsor


    Booth: 607
    Berla Corporation creates solutions for investigators to identify, acquire, and analyze critical information stored within vehicle systems. Berla’s collection of tools form the iVe Ecosystem which sup ...
  • Gold Sponsor

    BlockChain Security

    Booth: 716
    BlockChain Security is a pioneering force in information security and leading-edge blockchain solutions. Crypto Triage, a triage tool for crypto tracing, and M-Key Safe Vault for quantum-resistant vir ...
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    Booth: 411
  • Gold Sponsor

    DeSales University

    Booth: 510
  • Gold Sponsor

    Detego Digital Forensics

    Booth: 616
    We are the company behind award-winning Digital Forensics, Case Management and Endpoint Monitoring solutions trusted by investigation teams worldwide. With the ever-increasing use of digital devices a ...
  • Gold Sponsor

    Digital Intelligence

    Booth: 617
  • Gold Sponsor


    Booth: 410
  • Gold Sponsor


    Booth: 713
  • Gold Sponsor


    Booth: 216
    FileOnQ Inc revolutionizes public safety data management for agencies. It optimizes evidence handling, asset tracking, and workflow efficiency, empowering law enforcement with a superior platform for ...
  • Gold Sponsor

    Forensic Computers, Inc.

    Booth: 316
    Established in 1999, Forensic Computers, Inc. has been around since the beginning of computer forensics, focusing primarily on custom digital forensics workstations. With a strong emphasis on performa ...
  • Gold Sponsor

    Hexordia / Cyber5W

    Booth: 208
    We offer practical, interactive, skill-based digital forensics training that is accessible and affordable. We are also available for consulting, speaking engagements, and on-site training.
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    Booth: 311
  • Gold Sponsor


    Booth: 312
    Logicube® is a global manufacturer of digital forensic imaging and hard drive duplication solutions. Logicube’s peerless innovation delivers feature-rich products to government, military, education, a ...
  • Gold Sponsor

    MedEx Forensics

    Booth: 204
    Medex Forensics (Medex) develops and deploys digital forensic technology to identify child predators, fight digital crime, and combat disinformation. 
  • Gold Sponsor

    mh Service

    Booth: 313
    Boasting three decades of expertise, mh Service has established itself as a prominent name in the realm of IT, mobile phone, and audio-visual forensics. Notably, they stand out as Europe's sole suppli ...
  • Gold Sponsor

    Mind Intelligence Lab

    Booth: 211
  • Gold Sponsor

    Monolith Forensics

    Booth: 412
  • Gold Sponsor


    Booth: 512
    Nuix, a leading provider of investigative analytics and software, empowers customers to be a force for good by finding truth in the digital world. We help customers collect, process and review massive ...
  • Gold Sponsor


    Booth: 101
    Pagefreezer is a leading provider of website and social media ESI collection solutions to both the public and private sectors. Pagefreezer Solutions lets organizations collect evidence from data sourc ...
  • Gold Sponsor


    Booth: 609
    Skopenow is one of the most comprehensive open-source intelligence platforms on the market. The company has over 1,500 customers including numerous large government and law enforcement agencies. Lever ...
  • Gold Sponsor

    Sleuth Kit Labs

    Booth: 515
    Sleuth Kit Labs makes digital investigations faster, more comprehensive, and more affordable. Our products, training, and services help tens of thousands of digital investigators access cutting-edge i ...
  • Gold Sponsor

    SMI Aware

    Booth: 703
    SMI Aware is an open-source intelligence data collection firm helping the legal industry ethically discover, analyze, and preserve information from social media and the web. Our proprietary technology ...
  • Gold Sponsor


    Booth: 511
  • Gold Sponsor

    Vound Software

    Booth: 517
    Vound is a leading global vendor of technology used for forensic search, e-discovery and information governance.  Our Intella® suite of e-discovery and digital investigation software is used by the wo ...
  • Gold Sponsor


    Booth: 217
      WiebeTech devices have been employed by police, civilian agencies such as the FBI, and the military to investigate data and bring ironclad cases to court. We’re proud of our role in protecting lives ...

Silver Sponsors

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    Booth: 708
  • Silver Sponsor

    Atola Technology

    Booth: 110
    ATOLA FORENSIC IMAGERS retrieve data from BAD DRIVES, image 25+ DRIVES SIMULTANEOUSLY at top drive speeds, automatically detect unknown configurations and REASSEMBLE RAIDs, all in a forensically sound ...
  • Silver Sponsor

    AVAIL Forensics

    Booth: 702
  • Silver Sponsor


    Booth: 113
    Binalyze is the developer of AIR, an innovative Investigation and Response Automation platform powered by digital forensics. The team is comprised of accomplished industry veterans in the cybersecurit ...
  • Silver Sponsor


    Booth: 115
  • Silver Sponsor

    Faraday Defense

    Booth: 711
    Specializing in digital signal blocking, Faraday Defense has provided law enforcement with shielded bags and enclosures for protecting and storing digital evidence. Stop by our booth to learn more abo ...
  • Silver Sponsor


    Booth: 109
  • Silver Sponsor

    G3 Technologies

    Booth: 710
    G3 Technologies is an industry leader in providing wireless communications measurement and exploitation solutions that help our customers locate persons of interest while keeping law enforcement perso ...
  • Silver Sponsor


    Booth: 106
    Simply stated, IACIS is a non-profit, volunteer organization wholly dedicated to training, certifying and providing membership services to computer forensic professionals around the world. Formed in 1 ...
  • Silver Sponsor


    Booth: 714
  • Silver Sponsor

    LH Computer Services

    Booth: 704
    LH Computer Services has been in business for over 30 years providing Data Storage Solutions for Primary Digital Forensic Content as well as Long Term Safe & Secure Archive. Enterprise Class, Affordab ...
  • Silver Sponsor

    MediaClone, Inc.

    Booth: 706
    MediaClone - Designs and Manufactures in the USA, one of the best Digital Forensic Imagers and Forensic Lab units using the best-performing hardware, configured with dual open OS, allows the Forensic ...
  • Silver Sponsor

    OSForensics by PassMark Software

    Booth: 108
  • Silver Sponsor

    PCi TEC

    Booth: 712
  • Silver Sponsor


    Booth: 105
    Digital forensic software & hardware solutions, training & education. Cutting-edge/efficient mobile forensics solutions for best cross-analysis of crime digital scenarios. Securcube helps Law Enforcem ...
  • Silver Sponsor

    Spyder Forensics Training

    Booth: 103
    Spyder Forensics is the premier training organization delivering tool-agnostic workflow-based instruction to the DFIR community.  Our courses are designed to cover all disciplines while elevating your ...
  • Silver Sponsor


    Booth: 107
  • Silver Sponsor

    V2 Forensics

    Booth: 111
    YOUR SOLUTION TO A RISING THREAT! Industry first dedicated solution to sUMS forensics. By land, sea or air access, extract, decrypt and parse with high detail. A single platform to reduce complexity a ...

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