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Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference


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Keynote SpeakerDr. Roman V. Yampolskiy

Futurist, Author, Professor

Dr. Roman V. Yampolskiy is a tenured faculty member in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Louisville. He is the founding and current director of the Cyber Security Lab and an author of many books including “AI: Unexplainable, Unpredictable, Uncontrollable”. Dr. Yampolskiy’s main area of interest is Artificial Intelligence Safety and Security.

Navigating The Artificial Intelligence Era: Challenges and Strategies for Future of Cybersecurity

Tuesday, June 4  |  8:00am – 9:00am

As we immerse ourselves into the revolutionizing era of AI, the world of cybersecurity and digital forensics is confronted with unprecedented challenges as well as opportunities.  During this powerful keynote, we will look at the future of cybersecurity in a world dominated by AI.

The surge of AI-enabled cyberattacks is expected to cause an explosion of network penetrations, personal data thefts, and an epidemic-level spread of intelligent computer viruses, as well as fake forensic evidence including realistic deepfake videos. 

While AI’s capabilities can advance our security products and solutions, it also creates more sophisticated threats. Ironically, our best hope to defend against AI-enabled attacks is by using AI. 

Will AI enhance cybersecurity and digital forensics or make it more difficult to create robust defenses for cyberinfrastructure?  How can we keep pace with AI’s fast-paced developments to use it to our advantage?

During this keynote, Dr. Roman Yampolskiy will discuss the paradox that AI will bring for cybersecurity. He will share how cybersecurity experts can prepare to address the impact from AI in the context of AI safety and security.

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  • If you are a digital forensics investigator, Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force member, or a major crimes detective, this conference is a must. The delivery of content, networking, and hands-on experience is excellent and some of the best I've seen in law enforcement.
    Sean Thompson
    Detective, Roswell Police Department (GA)
  • As a first-time attendee, I was very impressed with how well organized the conference was and the sheer amount of content that was offered. Every aspect of the conference proved to be well planned and convenient for those in attendance. Will definitely be back!
    Joshua Woodhams
    Forensic Lead Examiner, Walmart
  • Techno Security, allows me to see and hear about emerging trends in the field of Digital Forensics (my specific field) without spending weeks on various websites trying to filter through the junk. The sessions are from people known and respected in the field. Additionally, I can meet with the vendors at one location and usually test run a product or at least coordinate a demo instead of watching a promotional video they provide on-line. Lastly, meeting with others in the field at after hour events or even in the hallways or a lunch table is INVALUABLE for the information, contact and just raising the bar of knowledge learned or available for access.
    Rich Novelli
    Owner/Operator, Titan Digital Forensics and Consulting 
  • Best Conference Ever! Industry trends, technical education, & continuing education credits in one event.
    James M. Dodmead
    Information Systems Security Engineer and Forensics Examiner, Cyber Defense Solutions, Inc.

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