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Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference

Magnet Forensics Programs


Magnet Forensics Programs

AX301 MAGaK (Magnet AXIOM & GrayKey) Advanced iOS Examinations

September 7-10 (Pre-Conference)

This course is an expert-level four-day training course, designed for participants who are familiar with the principles of digital forensics and who are seeking to leverage Magnet AXIOM and Magnet ACQUIRE to improve their mobile device investigations.

Magnet AXIOM Advanced Mobile Forensics details the use of Magnet AXIOM’s imaging abilities, using the standard mobile device imaging methodologies as well as advanced imaging techniques like TWRP and recovery image flashing when things don’t go as expected or when you encounter locked devices.

For those occasions when even those approaches won’t work, this class also introduces the concepts of ISP, JTAG, and chip-off methodologies to gain access to the data on mobile devices. After obtaining access to the data, participants will leverage Magnet AXIOM Examine to explore the contents and leverage AXIOM’s hallmark ability to reveal a wealth of important investigative artifacts.

These modules of instruction will build the participants abilities to investigate mobile devices from: image acquisition, utilizing backups found on computer media, understanding mobile device operating systems, Plists and SQL lite databases, to locating and parsing apps that are unsupported by forensic applications through developing custom artifacts.

Because AX300 is an expert-level course, it is recommended that students first complete Magnet AXIOM Examinations (AX200). AX200 will provide a thorough understanding of AXIOM that will help students focus on the mobile part of investigations in AX300. AX200 is also offered at Techno Security Myrtle Beach for pre-conference training (see above).

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